Out with the Old, In with the New? Acquihire Transactions


  • Akshay Bohra Advocate, UGC NET Qualified, LL.B (NLU-Assam), LL.M Author


Merger and Acquisition, Hiring, Acquire to Hire, Start-up Companies, Talent Management


This article investigates the application and effect of silicon top start up acquisition as a part of their hiring strategy popularly termed as Acqui-Hiring. In comparison with the tradition acquisition that generally took place in the business. Using the recent happening and data from the Indian and United States census, it is concluded that acqui-hired being the master having ace over their work exhibits higher turnover compare to the regular recruitments. It has been seen that most of the employees lack the voice in the acquisition transaction which resultantly creates organizational mismatch and decrease the turnover. Along with that it has been learnt from the prior acquisitions in which way prior employees can be retained. The trend of buying new startups are the new age legal merger and acquisition development in the most of the technology-oriented business world. The moto such acquisitions are catching up the modern and updated human resources. 


Advocate, UGC NET Qualified, LL.B (NLU-Assam), LL.M.

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